Our Favorite Machine

When we first set out to fabricate the best aftermarket parts possible, we quickly discovered we require some serious equipment. We needed to choose a machine that would produce to our standard of quality and efficiency. Our exhaustive search for the ideal machine finally landed on The Bend-Tech Dragon A400, this machine has proven indispensable in our fabrication process. The Bend-Tech Dragon utilizes plasma to cut materials. Plasma is an inert gas (such as nitrogen or air) that has been compressed and forced through the cutting nozzle at temperatures that can reach hotter than the sun’s surface. Its ability to cut many variations of material, as well as, automation features to speed up production made it a prime candidate.

The Bend-Tech Dragon allows our engineers to import custom CAD designs seamlessly, so our fabrication department can begin their process. This high-tech plasma pipe cutter is extremely precise, with a cutting tolerance of +/- .010 inches. There are 4 options for tool heads that can be changed automatically, allowing us more versatility. The A400 is compatible with any type of electrically conductive metal and can cut pipes ranging in size from .75 to 6 inches in diameter. The machine is about 31 feet long from end-to-end and approximately 1,300 lbs. This permits us to cut materials weighing up to 400 lbs and 24 feet long. That’s a big machine for an even bigger job! With our cutting-edge machines and years of experience, we can create at the quality and speed you deserve.


How does the Aftermarket work?

There are millions of fans around the world who are passionate about their vehicles and their ability to ride. The people that engage in this adrenaline-pumping sport of riding ATVs, side-by-sides, and snowmobiles are called Powersport enthusiasts. These same enthusiasts have inspired hundreds of companies to create an entire industry dedicated to fulfilling the community’s needs. This community needs the best parts possible to accomplish its goals, and that’s why many enthusiasts turn to aftermarket parts. The term “Aftermarket” refers to purchasing parts to upgrade or replace the original parts on your vehicle. The Aftermarket players include Fabricators, Distributors, Online marketplace, and of course Consumers. 


We will inspect the overall market from our perspective as a Fabricator. Fabricators make branded parts, the same Fabricators can then sell directly to Consumers from their website. Race310 uses a 3D imager to take an extremely precise scan of the vehicle we want to make parts for. Our engineering department then gets to work using Computer Aided Design to measure out the dimensions and design of a given part. This process ensures that the completed part will fit your vehicle. The Fabrication Department uses that blueprint on a series of high-tech laser machines to cut the raw material to size. Our team bends the pipes and cleans up the edges, making sure the tolerances of each part are correct. Each piece is labeled accordingly to assist in welding the assembly together later. These completed parts are then made available for purchase on our website. (One may also sell to a Distributor, who resells many different but related products to a wider audience.)


When Powersport enthusiasts are looking for a competitive edge or simply a style change, going online to shop is undoubtedly the best way to find what you need. One of the main benefits for customers of this online marketplace is the enormous selection of products and services. This plethora of options, however, makes it difficult for companies to stand out from one another; this overcrowding situation is where branding and social media come into full effect in the market. The online community for Powersports is fairly niche, and extremely fractured, geographically. For businesses to reach an audience in this space, brand awareness and community engagement is a necessity. Whether that business sells accessories, parts, or services like repair and photography, its branding and reputation are what distinguish them. 


In summary, the Powersports Aftermarket starts with Fabricators, they create the parts. Then when the parts are complete, they are either sold directly to consumers or a distributor. No matter who sells the parts to consumers, it almost always requires some form of online shopping. The internet market is where businesses battle for consumers' patronage. Their brand and integration into the community are their most powerful weapon. To watch us grow into our place in this crazy wonderful market, follow us on Facebook or visit our website at www.race310.com

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